Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Duck shot by arrow!!

An Arizonian mallard duck was found swimming with an arrow sticking out its feathers! Egads. Luckily the Yuma Fire Dept. came to the rescue, and the stuck duck is under the care of a local vet.

According to the vet, the young female duck was struck in the right armpit. The arrow exited via her left armpit (who knew ducks had armpits, right?) and punctured her poor little lungs and air sacs.

"I haven't actually seen an arrow sticking out of a bird that is still alive, ever," Dr. Cheryl Haugo told the Yuma Sun. She added that the arrow "just missed the really important stuff," such as the heart and spine.

Still, it wasn't all happy news--the duck sustained a broken wing and can no longer live in the wild. "She will never be able to fly again," Haugo said.

The as yet unnamed duck is currently in rehab at Haugo's home.

Image via: clipart.usscouts.org


Carol said...

Poor duck!

Alan said...

Oh no! Poor thing!

Even though she can't return to the wild, heres hoping she'll live a long happy life in her rescuer's home. Poor little thing.

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