Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tragedy Strikes aDuckaday!!

CHELSEA -- On Tuesday, a binful of rubber ducks was carelessly tossed away from a second floor conference room. . . or was it something more nefarious? Molly arrived at work to find all of her rubber ducks had vanished, along with some office supplies. Her unicorns were spared, a small ray of light. After a tireless search, the ducks were nowhere to be found. Molly was overheard saying "I just hope someone gave them a good home!" Among the missing items were a leopard print ducky, a usb duck fan and a lego mosaic -- her own creation. A few ducks lay untouched on a nearby file cabinet, but it was cold comfort.


Kyle said...

Please keep us updated on this developing story. And God bless you in your time of distress.

Carol said...

Molly--I mourn your duckies with you.

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